Weatherproof Villa Chicken Coop Hen House Rabbit Guinea Pig Ferret Hutch with Nesting Box R006

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Villa Chicken Coop, Hen House, Rabbit Hutch, Guinea Pig, Gerret Hutch

The hen house has a large space that can fit into a small budget! This hen house spans at an entire length of 1.72 meters (including the egg cage) and has everything a chicken coop should have. Made with solid treated Natural Fir Wood that will not rot nor easily deform this is the best chicken coop for sale in Australia.

The Asphalt Felt roof insulates your pets from the heat during summer and against the rain.  It comes with plenty of room so your chickens can run around and not be cramped in a small box.

The natural timber color, coupled with the green top blends in seamlessly with your backyard. 

 This house features a slide-out tray for easy cleaning and a small window (not fenced) for plenty of air and sun. 


  • One Door and one small window (WIndow is not fenced)
  • Window holes size:11x11cm
  • Easy access sliding tray for quick cleaning
  • Nest box with easy access lifting lid
  • Fully covered run to protect from sun and rain
  • Delivered as a flat pack with instructions for easy assembly (all you need is a screwdriver!)
  • Constructed from quality Firwood
  • Can fit in 3-6 chickens (depending on the size of the chooks)


Chicken Coop House Measurements:

  • Over size: approx 172x64x110cm
  • House: approx 56x47.5x107cm
  • Run Space: approx 68x47.5x95cm
  • Window holes size:11x11cm



  • 100x72x23cm/ 20.2kg
  • Flat Packed