Wall-Mount 10mm Tempered Glass Basketball Backboard Height Adjustable 180x105cm

  • Wall-Mount
  • 10mm Tempered Glass backboard
  • Bolts to connect the unit to the mounting surface are not included. Consult an engineer before installing
  • The frame provides 70cm clearance between the backboard and mounting surface.
  • Flex rim with a spring action system
  • 70cm adjustable height range using a screw jack system.
  • 180(W)x 105(H)cm backboard
  • Extra EVA protection pads at bottom corners of the backboard (green color)



  • Size of backboard:180(W)x 105(H)cm
  • Mounting frame dimension 840(W)x995(H)mm
  • Rim diameter: 45cm inner, 48cm outer diameter (international standard size)
  • Height range adjustable: 70cm (approx)
  • Max clearance from the wall: 70cm (approx)
  • The thickness of Backboard: 10mm (approx)
  • Set weight: 98kg (approx)



Flat Packed, 2 Boxes

Box A: 190x108x15cm, NW 53kg, GW 56kg approx.

Box B: 112x90x20cm, NW 40kg, GW 42kg approx.

Caution: Consult a structural engineer or builder on the mounting of the is unit and the hardware required.