TX01A Sliding Gate Accessories Kit

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Sliding Gate Accessories Kit

This sliding gate accessories kit will help you to maintain your sliding gate.



Adjustable screw thread flute for different door thickness

Perfect for maintaining existing sliding gates or installing a new one

The galvanized metal ensures your gate slides smoothly and effortlessly Ideal for home DIY projects, renovations or repairs

Galvanized steel

12 months warranty


Package Includes:

1 x Gate Stopper 100x80x95mm

6 × 1m U Groove Galvanised Ground Track (Diameter: 88mm Thickness:20mm )

1 x Upper Guide Bracket with 2 Nylon Rollers 150x60mm

2 × 90mm U Groove Bearing Wheels – Galvanised

1 x Gate End Stop / Catcher 90 (Opening) x78x103 mm