Trampoline Replacement Safety Net 16FT Netting Enclosure 12 Poles

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Trampoline Replacement Safety Net 16FT Netting


Durable premium soft mesh netting. Made from good quality weatherproof polyethylene, ensures the nets fits snugly and safely around the poles.

This trampoline net runs through the poles on the trampoline.  



    Fits any brand 16 ft trampoline

    For Trampolines with12 Poles (Poles not included)

    Fabric: weatherproof polyethylene mesh

    Dual closure entry with buckles and zipper

    For enclosures with 6 U legs (12 poles)

    Net Height: 180cm

    Sturdy straps for securing net onto trampolines

    Netting holes: 6-7mm diameter

Important: Trampoline Measurement Instructions

Determine the size of your trampoline by measuring the diameter of the trampoline frame. Take the measurement from the outside edge of one to prail to the outside edge of the exact opposite toprail. Be sure to take the measurements in different locations to confirm the size.