Sunless Spray Tan Tanning Gun Machine Kit HVLP 700

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Spray Tan Gun Machine 700w

Who says the only way to get the best tan is to expose under the sun in the beach or your backyard for hours? This Body Tanning Home Kit will give you a fake glamorous bronzed tan at home in minutes.

The Tanning Machine emits superfine mist creating an even and streak-free coverage that everyone dreams of. It features fast-drying and being suitable for use on face, body, and legs; and it involves the least fuss, mess and odor regardless of experience.

The state-of-art Tanning Machine has 3 buttons including Heat Function, Speed Settings and Switch. The Heat Function is to provide warm air from the machine for comfortably drying your client; the Speed Setting obviously controls the speed of the chemicals coming out from the gun which low is usually for sensitive area such as face while high is for large area including body and legs. The cutting-edge tan machine has automatic shut off to prevent the unit from overheat.

Despite the compact size of the unit, the machine comes with mounting accessories to save you the most space and make it the most handy. Backed up by 3 month warranty, we guarantee the Tanning Machine will meet your standard.

The stunning atomizes the solution into a refreshing mist and blends flawlessly onto your skin without streaking. Place you order today!

  • Spray Tan Gun Machine
  • 2.6m Hose
  • Superfine Mist
  • Even and Streak-free Coverage
  • Built-in Heat Function
  • Speed Setting
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Mounting Kit
  • Machine Dimension: 36(L) x 20(W) x 22cm(H)