Steel Cargo Shipping Container Ramps 7000kg 225x125cm

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This 4.5mm thick steel ramp allows a forklift truck to drive up into a standard shipping container. 

The shipping container ramps have cutouts for the forklift forks to pick them up from the front or side. The ramp fits all standard shipping containers, but not refrigerated shipping containers.

There is a ramp load capacity of 7000kg to cover forklift and load.

Container Loading Ramp Specifications:

- 4.5mm thickness with ribs
- Steel
- 2250x1250mm with maximum ramp height 150mm
- 7000kg loading capacity
- Weight 135kg
- Pickup from front or side

*Note - The ramp comes in Red or Yellow, which is dispatched randomly. 

It may be slightly scratched or dented due to the transport process but is still very structurally sound.

This ramp must be loaded only onto a suitable vehicle by forklift. Due to OHS regulations, the ramp cannot be manually handled in any way whatsoever when loading on collection or delivery. If you request delivery you must have a forklift available to unload the delivery vehicle.