Stainless Steel Sensor Bin for Kitchen Office 42L S02-B

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Stainless Steel Sensor Bin for Kitchen Office

For anyone who cleans or even anyone who enjoys gadgets, the Sensor Rubbish Bin would make a welcome addition to have in the kitchen, the garage or anywhere that needs rubbish put away. This stainless steel bin is rectangular in shape with no sharp edges. It also has an angled lid that holds the electronic parts of the rubbish bin. With a holding capacity of 42L it is a very good sized rubbish bin to have.

With a sensor distance of 5-10cm from the sensor window, the cover of  the rubbish bin automatically opens within half a second when rubbish is put within that range of the sensor window. The indicator light will turn green when the lid automatically opens and then turns red when the lid closes automatically. The cover then closes automatically 5-6 seconds after the rubbish has been thrown into the rubbish bin.However, if you'd rather open the rubbish bin yourself there is a button on the right hand side for you to press. You can close the bin yourself by pressing the button on the left hand side. But don't worry if you forget to press the left hand button as the lid will close automatically after 90 seconds.Requires 4 "AA" batteries to operate and used for about 3-6 months.  
The indicator light will flash yellow when batteries are nearly used up.

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42L holding capacity using 4 "AA" batteries not included
Height: 670mm with lid, 850mm with lid raised
Width: 330mm x 250mm
Weight: 4kg
Made Of: Sturdy, easily cleaned chrome material with a lightweight, plastic ring to hold rubbish bag in place
Package Contents: Rubbish Bin, Lid with Electronics, Ring
Packing Dimensions: 285mm x 370mm x 615mm