Stainless Steel Homemade Jerky Fruit Veetable Dehydrator Drying Machine 12 trays

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Stainless Steel Jerky Fruit Vegetable Dehydrator Drying Machine 12 trays 

Dehydrating food opens a whole new dimension in preserving fruits, vegetables, and meats.

This amazing food dehydrator will be able to perfectly capture the freshly-picked, in-season flavor, and nutrition of almost any food. Dried foods are easier to store compared to non-dried products as they take up much less storage space and are less likely to spoil. They also weigh less, which makes them perfect for taking on camping or backpacking trips. Dried fruit snacks are both delicious and nutritious, so what better way than to make your own? Ingredients for your favorite recipes can be dried and stored which make great last-minute meals, ready to cook for your convenience.



    • Full Stainless Steel
    • Tempered Glass Window Door
    • Digital control panel
    • Dual Motor: no manual turn over and no dead corner drying on all sides
    • Spacious dehydrating area
    • Auto shut-off timer, free and quiet operation
    • Horizontal Air Flow ensures evenly drying
    • Without any additives or preservatives
    • Good for all-natural pet treats DIY at home
    • Suitable for self-made for vegetables/fruit/herbs/flowers/meat dehydrating
    • Certificates & Listings:CE/GS/LVD/EMC/LFGB/BSCI



              • Power: 800W
              • Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
              • Tray quantity: 12
              • Tray material: Food grade 304 stainless Steel
              • Temperature range: 20-90°C
              • Distance between neighboring Rack: 30mm
              • Rack size:290x290mm
              • Mesh size:6x6mm
              • Mesh size:6mm
              • Capacity: 45L
              • Noise: 40-50db
              • Overall dimensions: 420x315x450mm

              Product Contents:

              • Food Dehydrator x 1
              • Stainless Steel Drying Trays x 12
              • User Manual x 1
              • Packaging dimensions: 500x390x520mm
              • 12.5kg