Skin Beauty Health Indoor Portable Steam Sauna Room Tent Steamer

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Portable Steam Sauna Tent


Made of Nylon material, our sauna tent is light weighted and moisture-resistant which makes it easy to take, safe to use, and durable.

Supported by PVC poles, it has better stability than many other ones. Central-zip design provides convenience for you to get into it. Well-considered vent design leaves hands free for reading.

This steamer is shatter-resistant and can be used in very cold whether. Its pot has rapid heat-conduction capacity which makes the sauna tent warm in short time.  

With remote controller, you can set time and temperature without getting out of sauna tent. The steamer is completely safe for domestic use, over-heating protection prevents heating element working without water, double protected circuit prevents electricity leakage, and CE certification demonstrates its safe operation. 



Sauna Tent

Color: Blue (with Pink edges)

Dimension: 92 x 76 x 101cm

Material: Nylon

Central - zip design for easy entering

Two vents let hands free for reading or iPading etc.


Material: Plastic

Housing Dimension: 21 x 28cm (Diameter x Total Height)

Volume: 2L

Power: 1000W / 220V-240V / 50-60Hz

Material: Steel Poles with Oxford Cloth

Frame of Sauna Tent

Frame Material: PVC Poles

Pole Quantity: 15

Connector Material: Plastic

Connector Quantity: 12

Provides better support for sauna tent


Portable Steam Sauna Tent Features:

Easy assembly and disassembly, need no tools

User manual shows detailed directions and usage


Package Includes:

1 x Steam Sauna Tent

1 x Steamer

1 x Manual


Maintenance is Important:

1.When finish sauna bathing, clean the sauna tent with cotton, then wrap it with care after drying, never store a wet sauna tent, or the bacteria will appear. 

 2. Never put the steamer into water or wash it with other liquid.

 3. Never put sour or poisonous chemical inside steamer.

 4. Make sure the pot bottom is always clean.