Premium Galvanized 4x4M Gazebo Heavy Duty Marquee Party Tent PVC Series

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Premium 4x4M Marquee / Gazebo PVC Roof & Wall 


Planning an event? We have you covered with our Commercial Grade PVC Fabric Marquees, the toughest and sturdiest on the market.

Ideal for businesses and community groups that have lots of outdoor events, they’re also great for large family gatherings and special occasions. A marquee is a fantastic venue choice, whether for a wedding, party, show, or corporate function.

With the flexibility to change SIZE, the marquee lets you make your event uniquely yours without the limitations of the site.

The width of the two end panels is 4m. The standard length of the two sides with windows is 4m, which can be extended to 6m, 8m etc. (Extension can be purchased separately). Click here for more details of the extension. 

Far more than an ordinary party tent, these marquees are built to last. No need to call off the party if the weather turns sour – with their waterproof coating on the thick, heavy PVC, along with their sturdy frames, these marquees can handle a bit of a battering from the Australian weather. 

Buying a good quality marquee like ours is a great option if you’re a regular party host – you’ll probably save money otherwise spent on marquee hire in the long run.

38x1.0mm & 42x1.2mm two sides galvanized pipe with ground bar

500g/m² PVC Fabric


Marquee Assembly:

  • Everything you need to erect the tent is included
  • No extra equipment required (except ladders)
  • Detailed instructions and clearly labelled parts make the assembly process as simple as possible


Specification of Structure:

  • Fully galvanized steel poles

                          Diameter: approx.38m

                          Wall thickness: approx.1.0mm

  • Steel pole connectors:

                          Diameter: approx. 42mm

                          Wall thickness: approx. 1.2mm

  • Stable construction system based on simple screw connections – much more resilient than a click system
  • Reinforced with Turnbuckle sets
  • Ground fixing pegs included
  • Increased stability through a base frame around the entire base


Specification of Marquee Wall/Door/Roof:

  • The skin of the tent is made of strong 500g/M2 PVC coating on heavy-duty patterned internal polyester make the fabric completely waterproof and makes it hand nicely on the marquee
  • UV-resistant and 100% waterproof: Waterproof against Light to Normal Rain Shower. 
  • Removable 4 side panels (2m each)
  • Windows guarantee excellent lighting conditions
  • Zippers on two end panels can be rolled up for entrance
  • Openings secured with robust zip fasteners
  • Skin attaches easily to the frame using rubber ties


Special Features:

The extra 2m extension can be purchased separately.

Here is the link of the 2m extension:

The 2m extension can be attached to make the marquee become 4x6m, 4x8m etc



4 Boxes, Flat Packed

36.5kg, 65x55x18cm

14kg, 65x55x14cm

21kg, 217x19x11cm

19kg, 196x19x11cm


Please note:

This product is considered a 'temporary structure’ for occasional use and must be securely fixed due to the size of the item. In Some circumstances it may be adequate to use ropes, pegs, steel weights, sandbags or combination of all to secure the item. It may need to be guyed down to other fixed structures. We advise customers to remove the sidewalls to allow the wind go through when it is windy and never leave canopy up overnight. We will not be responsible for any weather damages.