Polycarbonate & Aluminium Walk-in Greenhouse L319xW260xH165/258cm Green (6mm Panel)

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The greenhouse is made of double-walled panels for easy control of the environment within the greenhouse. It also enhances the insulation. The polycarbonate used is UV-resistant and saves up to 40% more heat as ordinary glass. It’s also very solid.

A greenhouse constructed of polycarbonate is ideal for plants to survive the winter. It can withstand astonishing temperatures from -25 degrees up to +60 ° C. This also makes it suitable for creating the so-called ‘greenhouse effect.’

The greenhouse has a strong and maintenance-free aluminium construction and is easy to assemble. 

  • Features

    • Tough metal framing
    • Easy access sliding door
    • Solid twin-wall polycarbonate glazing
    • 2 Opening roof vent
    • Built-in Guttering for drainage


    • Colour: Transparent
    • Material: Polycarbonate
    • Width: 260 cm
    • Length: 381 cm
    • Height: 165/ 258cm
    • Thickness panels: 6 mm.
    • Panels: double-walled polycarbonate (PC)
    • Green aluminum frame & steel base

Frame only, all accessaries in the photo are not included

*All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary due to different size models.

*Tip for placing a greenhouse:

Our greenhouses are delivered without a foundation. When placing a greenhouse, a good and solid foundation is important to protect the greenhouse from moving by rising groundwater and colapsing from extreme dryness. You can easily make a foundation yourself by attaching the greenhouse (screwing is the most solid solution) to beams made from stone, aluminum or wood. When you dig these beams ± 10 centimeters into the ground, your greenhouse will also be sturdy for strong wind and storms.