Pet Groom Hair Cleaning Fur Grooming Brush (Free Shipping)

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Pet Cleaning Grooming Brush

Pet Cleaning Grooming Brush is a new self-cleaning, pain-free way to groom your pet right at home. It allows you to remove unwanted hair, dander, dirt and debris from your dog or cat’s fur. Its soft, ultra-comfort bristles won’t irritate the most sensitive skin and easily adjust to your pet’s individual grooming needs.

How to use

Brush to groom your pet in downward motion. To adjust the length of the bristles, simply push your thumb down on the gray button, it will lock into position. Press the button again to return to its original position.

How to clean

PetZoom is a one-step cleaning brush. Place the brush over a waste basket and push the gray button down to release unwanted hair and debris from brush bristles. You are now ready to use it again, it’s that easy!

Trimmer attachment

Select length of Trimmer for short or long hair. Attach it to the PetZoom. Brush your pet as usual, the trimmer attachment will trim back your pet’s hair. Use it to remove knots, fur balls, gum or anything stuck in pet’s hair.


Perfect for wet & dry grooming
Perfect for cats
One touch brush cleans it self
Trimmer attachment -- adjustable bristle length for long and short coats
Metal coated tips -- attracts loose hair, dander & dirt

Package contents

1 x PetZoom
1 x Trimmer attachment
1 x Instruction