Pagoda Marquee Elegance PVC 6.8x5m Cream

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This is an exceptional attractive Party Tent Marquee! It is the perfect Marquee for a garden party or other activities where a nice-priced alternative to professional Party Tent Marquees is required. The octagonal shape with double top brings a sense of cheerful atmosphere and a spacious feeling to your party or event, and the 7 large French windows provide a comfortable inflow of light into the Party Tent Ma rquee. The size of this Party

The Party Tent Marquee comes with a strong powder coated steel frame. It is simple and quick to erect and disassemble, first of all because of the smart construction with wing screws. Transportation of the Party Tent Marquee is easy as a result of the strong light weight frame. The Party Tent Marquee is fixed to the ground with the enclosed guy ropes and ground pegs.

Tent canvas
The tent canvas is made of beautiful champagne coloured polyester. The fabric is waterproof but the seams can leak by persistent rain in large quantities. The side walls and the entrance door of the Party Tent Marquee are easy to put up or take down.

Party Tent Marquee - Octagonal wih French windows - Polyester roof canvas with PVC coating 260 g/m²
Product Specifications


Marquee Specifictions

- Roof cover: Polyester with PVC coating 260 g/m²,, Water resistant
- Sidewalls: Polyester with PVC coating 260 g/m²,, Water resistant
- Frame: Powder coated steel tubing for protection against corrosion
- Tubes / fittings: 34mm
- Persons: 34 - 45
- Width: 5 m.
- Length: 6.8 m.
- Side height: 1.95 m.
- Ridge height: 3.35 m.
- Included: Guy ropes, ground pegs
- Dew and water resistant roof cover
- White powder coated rust-preventing surface treatment
- 1 entrance door (2 x 1,5 m m) with zipper in the middle

Colour: Yellow cream



2 boxes, including all fittings


241*23*12cm / 39kg