New Model 3 Person Luxury Indoor Carbon Fibre Infrared Sauna 12 Heating Panels 003G PRE-ORDER

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Get rid of stress and reenergize with 3-Person Luxury Carbon Infrared Sauna. Why go to an expensive spa or health club when you can have your very own at an affordable price. Constructed with attractive and durable Canadian Hemlock wood, the preferred material for high-end saunas. The modern far infrared sauna includes carbon fibre heaters, scientifically proven to be energy efficient and easily absorbed by the body so you can detoxify, control weight, manage pain, and so much more.


The top benefits of saunas:

  • Detoxify your body - The intense heat of a dry sauna will coax your body to lose toxins
  • Controls weight - Increased perspiration promotes healthy effortless weight loss
  • Manage your pain - Heat therapy is proven to alleviate pain and is great for all types of muscles, bone and pain
  • Increases circulation - When circulation is improved, your body will reap the benefits of improved function
  • Face off illnesses - Infections and virus-based illness can be effectively combated with sauna therapy



  • Modern far infrared sauna technology with carbon fibre heaters (with a total of 10 heating panels: 3x back, 2x each side, 1x foot, 1x seat, 1x leg
  • Extra 2 Ceramic Infrared heaters at the bottom (can be operated separately): we suggest users turn it on at the beginning to bring up the temperature and turn off when you feel too hot.
  • Canadian Hemlock construction
  • Heat resistant tempered glass front door with frame
  • Spacious design with a 3 person capacity
  • Heats up to 60˚within minutes
  • Power: 2100W
  • Voltage110V-240V
  • Temp can go up to 60 degrees (approx)*
  • Temperature Range 20°C - 65°C
  • Digital control panel with USB player
  • 2 Speakers
  • Specifically designed for indoor use
  • Ventilation window
  • Oxygen Ionizer
  • Indoor use only

*The ambient temperature and humidity make a big difference in the internal temperature of the sauna. If you have the sauna located in a more protected position and it is reaching far better of internal temperature. 

Item Dimensions: 150*110*200 cm

Width of the Door: 56cm

Sauna Packaging:

Flat packed for peace of mind delivery.  Assembly is required.

  • A 208*157*23.5 CM  G.W. 100KG   N.W.   92KG

    B 208*108*23 CM    G.W.  50KG   N.W.    42KG

    C 147*108*32 CM   G.W.  62.5KG    N.W.    57KG


Due to the weight of the Sauna, it is required to be placed on a palette and shrink wrapped for delivery and/or pick up.

If you intend to pick up the Sauna, please note that you must bring a commercial vehicle to the warehouse as the Sauna will be loaded by a forklift on a pallet.