Mini Indoor Basketball Hoop Kids Children Backboard with Net Rim

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An indoor basketball hoop with the look, function and durability of a pro-grade basket. Mini basketball and over the door basketball will never be the same--goodbye nerf basketball nets. Pro Mini Hoop is perfect for the home, office or dorm.

Complete indoor basketball set comes with 12cm Mini Hoop Ball.

Mini Basketball Hoop Specifications:

Material: Polycarbonate Shatter-proof Backboard
Size: 45cmx30cm
Color: Transparent & White

Door Holder
Color: Black coated with matt finish
Material: Hot rolling iron

Rim Holder
Color: Red coated with matt finish
Material: Hot rolling iron

EVA Foam Backing
Color: Black
Material: EVA foam

Break-away Rim
Material: Hot rolling iron
Diameter: 23cm
Color: Red coated with matt finish

8-loop, 3ply Nylon Net
Color: white
Material: Nylon

Mini Basketball
Material: Rubber
Color: Orange
Diameter: 12cm


1. Easy assembly and eco-friendly
2. Kids mini basketball hoop
3. Portable and foldable basketball hoop
4. Durable for kids indoor practice

Package Includes:

1x Backboard
1x Breakaway Rim
1x Net
1x Mini Basketball