Metal Steel Carport 3.3x6m Cream (Pre-order)

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Portable Carport 3.3mx6m Vehicle Shelter



- Overall Dimension : 3.3m Wide x 6m Deep x 2.84m High 

-  Water-proof materials, 900mm corrugated colour steel panel in 0.35mm

- Heavy duty galvanized square tube : approx. 50mm x 50mm x 1.6mm Thickness

- Instruction drawing , step by step

- 5 sets of support frames spaced by the distance of about 1.5m to provide a very strong structure support system.

- Good for portable/ temporary purpose as well as long-term use ( need to bolt into the ground, anchors provided)



  • Colour: Cream 
  • Overall size: 3300mm x 6000mm(Width and Depth)
  • Height: 2400mm(Wall)/2840mm(Ridge)  
  • Support Beam Size: 50 x 50 x 1.8mm Hot Dip Galvanised steel tube
  • Material: 0.35mm Double pressed ColourSteel sheets



  • Carton 1): 220cm x 40cm x 16cm(102kg)
  • Carton 2): 220cm x 45cm x 11cm(76kg)
  • Carton 3): 170cm x 97cm x 3cm(95kg)
  • Total Weight: 273kg



For assembly, The structure of this carport/shelter is jointed together by bolts and nuts, the roof sheets are secured onto the structure by self-taping screws. The average time for carport/shelter assembly for 2 people is approximately 1day, not including the base. It may take longer or shorter depending on your experience, tools, site access and how many helpers you have etc. The assembly process is relatively straight forward and steps to install are illustrated in the manual. It is up to the buyer to assemble the shelter and also to determine the base type.

All parts and accessories come in flat packed and ready for assembly. Please note that some parts may be slightly scratched or dented due to the transport process but are still very structurally sound.


Special Pickup/delivery instructions for overweight and over-sized items: 

Please be advised that due to the enormous weight and size of this item, all boxes are required to be placed on a palette for delivery and/or pick up.

For pickup, please note that you must bring a commercial vehicle to the warehouse as the item will be loaded by a forklift on an oversized pallet which will not be broken-down for loading.

For delivery, the courier will require you and possibly another person to help the driver unloading the item from the truck. Otherwise, a tailgate service will be booked and the Item will be lowered from truck to ground level at your curbside.