LG Mobile Phone Data Calbe KG800

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USB Data Cable + CD Features

This USB Cable is an ideal link to share data between your mobile phone and PC.

The user friendly USB standard and the high data transfer speed, makes the USB cable a perfect tool for moving data between your phone and a PC, for example when synchronising your phone book and calendar. If your phone has a built-in modem, you can use the cable to connect to the Internet via your mobile phone, making Web and e-mail access possible from virtually any location.

* High speed data transfer rate
* USB interface 100% plug and play
* Transfer images, ringtones, from your mobile phone to your PC or your PC to mobile phone
* Edit and backup phonebook data
* Synchronize your phone with your PC

Compatible LG Mobile Phone
    LG KG-800 Chocolate
    LG KU970 Shine