Large 6L Chicken Poultry Water Drinker

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6L Chicken drinker

Tired of worrying about the chicken drinker being tripped over? This new hanging chicken drinker which is made from strong plastic and with a twist lock base will reduce such problems.

The chicken drinker is Circular in design for chicken. It’s convenient for chickens to drink water from any direction, especially for a small group to drink together.

The perfect design is allowed to be placed within most of the chicken coops or pens, on the ground, or hung in the air.

The chicken drinker has a transparent tank to enable you to quickly view the water level.  With the capacity of 6L, you don’t need to fill it all the time. Just change the water 2 or 3 day to ensure the health of chicken. 


Pure raw material production, beautiful, durable, not afraid of the sun
Convenient to add water, reasonable design, no leakage, no waste
Material: Plastic Using PP raw materials, toughness, with the characteristics of anti - fall, colorless and tasteless more environmentally friendly
Volume: 6L
Color: white & Red

Size: 30cmx25(H)cm