Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Ultimate Package - 90x90x180cm TENT+ 600W Grow Light Kit +4" Fan/Filter Kit

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Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent Ultimate Package

  •  90x90x180cm TENT

  •  600W Grow Light Kit

  •  4" Fan/Filter Kit

Hydroponic Indoor Reflective Grow Tent - 90x90x180cm

Indoor hydroponic grow tent makes it easier to grow all kinds of plants, flowers, fruit, and vegetables out of season in limited space.


  • Exterior Material: Heavy duty 600D Waterproof Black canvas

  • Inner Lining: 100% waterproof Mylar Reflective Film

  • Frame: Powder coating 16x0.8mm white Metal Poles


106x26x12cm/ 9.6kg


600W Grow Light Kit

  • The 600W electronic ballast is suitable for use with both 600W High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) bulbs.
  • The HPS grow bulb is ideal for blooming and flowering and mainly produces a red spectrum that is perfect for germinating, flowering, and fruiting stages.
  • MH grow bulb is also ideal for blooming and growing stages and produces a blue spectrum that is perfect for all plant growth. 
  • The cool tube reflector spreads and directs the light in a downward focus to cover small to medium-sized plant growth areas. 
  • A pair of reflector rope ratchets is included to secure the reflector quickly and easily. 

Package Includes:

  • Tube reflectorX1
  • 600W HPS Grow Light LampX1
  • 600W MH Grow Light LampX1
  • Magnetic BallastX1
  • Rope RatchetX1


4” Fan Grow Tent Combo

It has everything you need to keep excellent energy efficiency in your indoor garden. This kit will help you save costs and keep your growing space cool and well ventilated.

Package includes:

  • 1X 4 inch Inline fan
  • 1X 4 inch Carbon Filter
  • 1X Aluminium Ducting
  • 2X Quick Release Clamps
  • 2X Lifting rope
  • 1xThermo-hygrometer (the item received may vary from the photoï¼?/li>