Huge Walk in Chicken Coop Chock Pens Hen House L202x H170xD175cm with Nesting Box

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Huge Walk-in Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch with Nesting Box C001


This Chicken Coop spans at an entire length of 2 metres and has everything a chicken coop should have! (Well, maybe barring air conditioner).

Made with solid treated Natural Fir Wood that will not rot nor easily deformed. Firm mesh wire protects your pet from rat, snake, and cat. Item comes with a unique slanting design Asphalt Felt roof, which simply means it has UV protection and heat-insulating (well, for the hot summer) as well as water-proof (protects against the rain!).

Plenty of space allows your chooks to runs and exercises. The weatherproof roof, combined with the Natural Fir wood material body, helps to keep the noise away and ensure that your animals will get a good night's rest. All these efforts ensure that the hens can concentrate on laying eggs!

Eggs are easily collected via the nesting box with a liftable top. The natural timber color, coupled with the green top (no painting on the back of the coop), aims to blend in seamlessly with your backyard.

Get this easily set-up item now to ensure you have a continuous supply of organic eggs! Not only it's healthy, but will also save you quite a bit of money over time!



Easy access sliding tray (steel made for easy cleaning) for quick cleaning

Access via side (opposite to nesting box)

Nest box with easy access lifting lid

Firm mesh wire protects your pet

Fully covered roof to protect from sun and rain

Housing unit raised above the ground to protect from Damp & Rot

Delivered in flat packages with instructions (Assembly is required)



Dimension Overall size: L202x H170xD175cm

Hatch Nest: 33 x 58x 40cm



Box I, 96x78x10.5cm

Box 2, 143x58x13cm

Box 3 141x62x21cm