High Resolution LCD 7 inch Reverse Monitor

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Broad Display Digital High Resolution LCD 7" Reverse Monitor

You can connect up to 2 AV Channels, therefore you can connect to any AV input Device, i.e, DVD Players, CCTV Camera, Playstation, Xbox ... etc.
· Reflecting Surface, can be use as a Normal Reverse Mirror
· Auto Switch System - PAL and NTSC system
· TFT LCD display and can play DVD / VCD
· With Amplifier Sound and can play DVD / VCD, it'll be silent when you Reversing the car.
· Special Optic Lens setting and could substitute the original rear view mirror
· Automatically Change to Back Sight Channels, from DVD / VCD channel when Reversing the Car and will change back to DVD / VCD Channel once the car stop reversing
· Easy installation, just clip on your existing Mirror
· Remote Control


Product Key Details
Screen size
7" colour TFT
1440 (W) x 234 (H)
Nominal voltage
9-15V, red line: postive; black line: negative
Power consumption
7W Max
Auto reversing back-view shift (mirror)