Ground Bar Kit For 7 X 15m Galvanized Frame Marquee

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Ground bar kits give extra rigidity to the bottom of the marquee. They consist of a set of interconnecting poles creating a robust frame for the bottom of the tent. 

We recommend you use a ground bar kit whenever the tent is free standing - e.g. on concrete, and also in windy / exposed locations where extra strength in the framework is desirable.

Please choose the correct kit for your tent.

The ground bars link each leg together with heavy duty steel joints bolted to the leg pole, creating a frame around the base giving your marquee added stability, especially when used on hard standings or soft ground surface.This makes the whole structure more level and stable. The ground bars can be pegged to soft ground using ground bar stakes; on hard standings, you can apply weights to the Ground Bars to provide more stability.

Individual sections can be left out to provide entry and exit points.

Please note: Our marquee ground bar kits are only suitable for our Galvanized Frame Marquees.

Package contains:

A set of ground kits for 7x15m galvanised frame marquee