Fully Automatic 112 Eggs Large Incubator Kit

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Large 112 Egg Incubator Kit - Fully Automatic

The 112 EGGS INCUBATOR is the largest capacity model we carry. double capacity, but not in price. 
This model in double floor design, auto egg turning, automatic control. temperature and humidity display onsite. egg turning each 2 hours. double fan to make temperature uniform. high hatching rate machine for small farm use!
Usage: Bird, Chicken, Duck, Reptile, Turkey, quail egg hatching
Egg Capacity: 112 chicken eggs



Automatic Egg Turner - Turns the eggs every four hours, will liberate you from the most time-consuming job during hatching

Automatic Ventilating System - Provides excellent air circulation and even the temperature.

Powerful Temperature Control and Humidity Display

Automatic display incubate days

Transparent big cover for easy veiwing during hatching

Temperature Alarm  - Alarm when hatching temperature is out of a certain range(factory set: AH=2°C, AL=2.5°C).

Humidity Alarm - Alarm when the hatching humidity is out of a certain range. Minimum range is ± 1%.

Build-in Water Channels - make the humidity control a easier

High quality PVC Construction with sturdy design

CE approved for safety usage



        Capacity: 112 chicken eggs

        Power supply: 220V,

        Frequency: 50Hz.

        Power: 100W

        Product Size: 57cm × 54cm × 30.5cm

        User manual



Egg Incubator X 1

SAA Plugs X 1

User Manual X 1

Measurement: 55*54*35cm

Basic assambly is required


12 months warranty