Digital 88 Eggs Incubator With LED Display-Manual Turn

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Cheap 88 Egg Incubator Kit 

The cheap egg incubator. Foam base, great warm keeper, energy saving and lighter in weight. The most important. it's cheap in price, can be great choice for family use or school hatching lesion


Capacity: 88 chicken eggs/ different size eggs hatching

 Power  : 80W

 Voltage: 220V

 Frequency: 50 HZ

 Warranty: 1 year

Temperature range: 30°C to 40°C

 Material: PVC / Foam bottom

 Penal:  Digital computer control panel



The egg incubator automatic temperature control

onsite temperature display

manual egg turning(No egg turner or egg tray)

can hatching different size of eggs at the same time!

Cheap price egg incubator, best cost performance.

usage:Bird, Chicken, Duck, Goose,Reptile, Turkey, quail hatching

Fan inside makes eggs heated uniformly

CE approved for safety usage



1x incubator

1 x manual