Commercial Grade Galvanised Frame 7x15m Wedding Marquee Heavy Duty Party Tent


Commercial Grade Marquee 7x15m



  • Perfect marquee for garden or street parties
  • Offers protection from wind and rain
  • Keeps out cold and droughts on cool evenings
  • Provides shade in summer
  • Suitable for clubs, businesses, stallholders, weddings, birthdays, confirmations, graduations and celebrations of all kinds
  • Makes a great temporary shelter for those events where you need a cover-up for a small amount of time.



A budget alternative to PVC marquees

Creates a beautiful setting for the party

Wind- and waterproof cover in sturdy PE

Strong galvanized steel frame



  • Everything you need to erect the tent is included
  • No extra equipment required (except ladders)
  • Detailed instructions and clearly labeled parts make the assembly process as simple as possible


Specification for construction system:

  • Fully galvanized steel poles:
    • Diameter: approx.38mm
    • Wall thickness: approx.1.2mm
  • Steel pole connectors:
    • Diameter: approx. 42mm
  • Stable construction system based on simple screw connections – much more resilient than a click system
  • Tents of 6m or more in width feature extra steel beams at right angles to the gables to increase the load capacity of the roof
  • Ground fixing pegs included
  • Removable Side Wall  height: approx 2 m The separate side panels can be left off to create the desired number of side entrances (total 14 side panels)
  • Highest point: approx 3.23m (Roof included)
  • Wall thickness: approx. 1.2mm
  • Removable Door panels x 2 pcs: approx 2 m (H) x 7 m (W) 


Specifications for the outer material

  • The skin of the tent is made of sturdy, tear-resistant PE (approx. 180g/m²)
  • PE material is polyethylene, rip-stop, woven material, which is UV stabilized and fire-rated. Our PE material is plastic-coated on both sides for extra strength
  • Windows guarantee excellent lighting conditions
  • Openings secured with robust zip fasteners
  • Skin attaches easily to the frame using rubber ties
  • Water Resistant material. But the seams are sewn together. so it may leaks through the seams if exposed to very heavy rain, although this is very rare. You can use a Scotchguard spray to reproof the area.



9 Boxes, Flat Packed - 

23kg, 65x55x27cm 

15kg, 65x55x22cm

34kg, 65x55x27cm

25kg, 210x23x12cm

24kg, 210x23x11cm

18kg, 174x23x11cm

18kg, 174x23x11cm

21kg, 193x23x11cm

13kg, 178x13x10cm

Total Gross Weight 191kg Approx


Extra Features:

Extra ground bar available in Melbourne depot which can be purchased separately.

The primary issue with marquees and wind is the uplift effect. Ground bars around the full circumference of the marquee are the first defence against wind.

Here is the link:


Safety Advice:

Please note that our PE marquees are made for short time use only. The Party Tent Marquees are constructed with eyelets for easy assembly and short period use. If your Marquee is to be erected for a longer period, we recommend our premium PVC models.

*This product is considered a 'temporary structure’ for occasional use and must be securely fixed due to the size of the item. Some circumstances may be adequate to use ropes, pegs, steel weights, sandbags, or a combination of all to secure the item. It may need to be guyed down to other fixed structures. We advise customers to remove the sidewalls to allow the wind to go through when it is windy and never leave the canopy up overnight. 20kg holding down weight/per leg is recommended.

** We will not be responsible for any weather damages. Adequate measures required to secure the structure under the circumstances of its use are left to the end-user to decide to prevent damage to the structure and/or injury to people. 

*** The tent must not be left unattended at any time. 

**** Do not use open fire, welding equipment, or other sources of ignition, inside or close to the tent.