CE Certified 10 PCs KN95 Protective Face Mask (Free Shipping)

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CE Certified 50Pcs KN95 Protective Face Mask

Disposable KN95 respirators filter out very fine particles from the air and reduce the risk of transmitting airborne infectious diseases while working in or passing through potentially contaminated environments. Working to help keep you safe from potentially harmful particles, the KN95 Respirator assists in reducing your exposure to airborne particles so that you can maintain a healthy respiratory system.

KN95 Face Mask Features

  • Greater than 95% particle filtration efficiency
  • Multi-layer filter structure provides good protective effect.
  • Reduce exposure to airborne particle
  • Soft interior, Comfortable and breathable
  • Durable elastic and sweat absorbing ear bands.
  • Adjustable nose clip to help ensure a secure, custom seal
  • Resistant to breathe moisture to avoid mask collapsing 
  • Lightweight, disposable design

Complies with the worldwide requirements of - 

  • EN 149:2001 + A1:2009
  • GB2626-2006 KN95
  • CE FFP2 (EU)2016/425

Pack 10/bag)

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