Automatic Australian Note Banknote Bill Counter

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Automatic Note Counter 

This note counter can count and stack notes at incredible speeds with flawless accuracy, removing any chance of human error and boosting your productivity. While your handy note counter is sorting through cash at rapid pace, you’ll have more time to handle other tasks.


◆Automatic detecting with UV

◆With front LCD screen+side LED display.

◆With “AUTO”&”MANUAL” function.

◆With “DD” detection function.

◆Automatic starting, stopping and clearing.

◆With batching, adding and self-examination functions.

◆Automatic half-note and chain-note detections.

◆Double-notes detecting<with infrared ray detection system>.

◆With color changing LCD display.

◆With unique external display.


◆Counting Speed: ≥1,100pcs/min.

◆Size of Countable Note: 50mm×100mm/80mm×190mm

◆Banknotes thickness range: 0.075-0.15mm

◆Dimensions: 312mm×242mm×175mm

◆Gross Weight: 5.5KGS (1pc)

◆Size of package: 355mm×295mm×215mm

◆Net Weight: 4.8KGS(1pc)

◆Power Supply: AC 230V±10% 50Hz±5%

◆Power Consumption: ≤70W

◆Hopper Capacity: 300pcs

◆Stacker Capacity: 200pcs