Australian Automatic Coin Counter - Money Cash Sorter

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Australian Automatic Coin Counter & Money Cash Sorter

You are buying a Australian Version Coin Counter & Sorter - specifically designed for Australian Coins. We are specialists in cash handling machines - we design & import the best machine to meet market requirement.

A must time saver for any business. No more wasting your time or paying others at the close of business each day counting coins.

No more wasting time counting coins & running the risk of human errors

Start Counting and Sorting quickly & efficiently. Unit is easy to setup & is very user friendly. This coin counter is currently being used in shops, clubs, vending owners, banks, churches and other businesses.



  • Count and sort Australia coin 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2 automatically.
  • Accurately computes and displays the total value of counted coins.
  • Total number of coins for each denomination
  • Two counting modes: free count and batch count
  • Includes halt function to freely control stopping the machine.
  • Can look over the amount of coins in different denominations and totality of all coins.
  • Counting speed up to 300 coins/min.
  • Hopper capacity: 500-1000 coins.
  • Slot capacity: 150 coins.
  • Counting display: 7 digit LED.
  • Batch preset display: 3 digit LED.
  • Power consumption: 45 W.
  • Manufacture CE certified.
  • Tax invoice available if required.
  • Technical support and after sale services.
  • Clubs, Bars, Cafes & Restaurants
  • Banks & Business
  • Owners of Vending Machines
  • Owners of Video Gaming & Gambling Machines
  • Private Users


  • Automatic: Yes Fully Automatic / Electric / No Manual Work
  • Hopper Capacity: 500 + coins
  • Each Receiving Slot Capacity: 150 + coins
  • Coins Counted / Sorted: 5c,10c, 20c, 50c, $1 & $2 Aussie Coins
  • Counting Speed: approx 216 coins / min +
  • Count Modes: Batch count, free count & fixed count mode
  • Counting number display: 7 Digits LED
  • Batch preset number display: 3 Digits LED
  • Electric: Yes with Aussie approved 3 pin plug.
  • Power: Standard AC 220V / 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 45 W (max)
  • Dimensions: 355mm x 330mm x 266mm
  • Net Weight: 4.5kg


  • Bat Key: Used to set the batch number (upto 4 digits)
  • "+" Key: Used to add the number of presetting the batch number
  • "-" Key: Used to reduce the number of presetting the batch number
  • Set Key: Used to preset the number of the different value coins
  • Clear Key: Used to return to display total value menu
  • Report Key: Used to display the individual value of different coins
  • 3 Modes: free count, batch count mode & fixed count. The count mode can be selected by presetting the batch number
  • Free Count Mode: In this mode, the machine counts all the coins in the hopper with no stoppage until one of coins receiving slot is full. This mode machine will preset the Batch Number itself when power up.
  • Batch Count Mode: In this mode, the machine counts a batch coins according to the presetting number. This count mode will be set by presetting an expected number on the Batch Number Display. Before counting, please use the "SET KEY" to select which kind of coins you want preset and then use "+","-" and "BAT" KEY to preset the expected number.
  • Fixed Count Mode: Counts fixed amount of coins