7m Folding Ladder Multipurpose Quality Aluminium Function Adjustable

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This 7 meter multi-purpose ladder is an indispensable tool with multiple configurations. The well designed ladder allows you to select the perfect setting for any job.

Constructed of lightweight, high-tensile aluminium, this ladder can withstand the roughest conditions.

Certified by EN131 ensures these ladders are in compliance with the European Directives to suitable for professional trade use. 



Material: aluminum 6063A

Thickness: 1.2*1.8mm

Hinges quantity: 6 big hinges

Straight height: 22.97feet (7M)

A ladder height: 11.02feet (3.36m)

Work platform height: 6.07feet (1.85m)

Width: 38cm

Step distance: 28cm


Ladder Packaging:

Papacking size 187*29*38cm

Net weight 38.28LBS (17.4kgs)

Gross weight 38.94LBS (18.7kgs)

Max load 330LBS (150kgs)