6x12m Premier Grade Galvanized Frame Marquee PVC Fabric Party Tent


Commercial Grade PVC Series Tent Marquees with galvanized steel frame, PVC canvas and a number of smart features like easy assembly with wing screws is the perfect solution for local societies, clubs, markets, wedding parties, birthday parties, confirmations, A-levels parties or other festive events or activities where a low priced alternative to our Professional Party Tent Marquees is required.

Construction of the Marquee

The strong steel frame of the Party Tent Marquee is galvanized and is furthermore easy to assemble with the wing screws enclosed. The Party Tent Marquee is easy to transport because of the strong lightweight frame.

Tent Canvas

The canvas of the Party Tent Marquee is beautifully made and has a built-in ripstop function to prevent tearing. The roof cover of the Party Tent Marquee is made of an extra-strong PVC quality. The arched windows on the long sides offer a comfortable inflow of light and a nice view out of the Party Tent Marquee. The Party Tent Marquee has an entrance door in each of the end walls.

  • Door: Velcro door opening in both end walls.
  • Roof cover: Strong PVC 500 g/m²
  • Sidewalls: Strong PVC 500 g/m²
  • Fully galvanized steel poles:
    • Diameter: approx.38mm
    • Wall thickness: approx.1.0mm
  • Steel pole connectors: Stable construction system based on simple screw connections – much more resilient than a click system
    • Diameter: approx. 42mm
    • Wall thickness: approx. 1.2mm
  • Tents of 6m or more in width feature extra steel beams at right angles to the gables to increase the load capacity of the roof
  • Ground fixing pegs included


Packaging of the Marquee:

9 Boxes

Total Gross Weight 261kg approx

  1. 65x55x26cm,47kg
  2. 65x55x19cm,30.4kg
  3. 65x55x30cm,39kg
  4. 150x27x10.5cm,22kg
  5. 153x22.5x12cm,22.25kg
  6. 196x21x10.5cm,22.8kg
  7. 196x21x10.5cm,22.95kg
  8. 194x19x10.5cm,24.5kg
  9. 196x25x11cm,27.5kg

Please note:

*This product is considered a 'temporary structure' and must be securely fixed due to the size of the item. Any free-standing marquee should be adequately tied down and secured in windy conditions. We advise customers to never leave canopy up overnight or under bad weather conditions. We will not be responsible for such weather damages. It is up to the customer’s decision to determine the correct weather condition

*Although these products are designed to withstand mild weather conditions including winds and rain, they are not designed to be used as a permanent or semi-permanent structure but rather as an occasional use item.  The structure can be sued for day or night events but not left erected for prolonged periods of time.