4.0x2.5m Commercial Grade Half Cassette Electric Folding Awning Black

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4.0x2.5m  Half Cassette Electric Folding Awning

All of our awnings combine superior quality with great value for money. Finished to a very high specification, they have a strong lightweight metal frame with powder coated aluminium arms. They can be opened and closed easily and smoothly using the remote or winding handle.The awning can be opened as much or as little as you like up to the maximum projection. The specially designed arms are adjustable to enable you to alter the slope of the awning from almost horizontal to a relatively steep tilt of approximately 35 degrees from the horizontal.

'Half cassette' means that the awning retracts into a metal cover for protection. The 'valance' (frilly bit) remains hanging down when fully retracted. 


*Fully retractable  awning system, with an electric tubular motor and hand crank

*Awning features UV protection, water proofing, and color fast technology

*Adjustable angle: 5-35 degree

*Wall mountable kit included (ceiling mounting kit can be purchased seperately)

* Australian Standard Plug

*Hand Crank  (x1) included

*Dimension of awning: 3.95m x 2.5 m

The awnings are intended to provide shade from direct sunlight, not as protection from the harsher elements such as rain and wind, and should always be retracted in such conditions or when not in use in case weather should change for the worse such as wind power exceed 6 grades.


Fabric: 280g Polyester + PU

Steel Torsion Bar: 35x35mm

Aluminium Front Bar: 45x35mm

Aluminium Roller: 70mm Diameter

Aluminium Arm: 58x28mm / 49x20mm

Steel Wall Brackets

Manual Hand Crank

Fabric Color: Black

Frame Color: White

N.W. 33kg

G.W 37kg


  • If fitting above a patio door, then this should ideally be at least 20cm above the door frame. The height of the bracket is about 13cm.
  • The end fitting brackets should be located approximately 12cm from the ends of the Awning Torsion Bar, but can be adjusted a little closer or a little further away if necessary.
  • Qty of Brackets: 3pcs
  • The power leads (plug) fixed on left hand side when facing the awning


Flat Package

Measurements: 399x19x16cm

NOTE: Delivedry may take longer time than ETA since the courier need organize a special truck to deliver such long item. Please contact us if you have not received the item in 7 working days after dispatch. We will chase up with the courier. Thanks for your understanding