3x6m Heavy Duty Gazebo Portable Carport Marquee PE Tent

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3x6m Heavy Duty Gazebo, Portable Carport, Marquee,PE Tent

Uses of This Marquee

  • Perfect for outdoor parties and special events
  • Great for tent sales or outdoor market
  • Portable shelter for vans, boats, machines, cars, motorbikes etc.
  • Convenient storage for goods and materials
  • Workshop
  • Shelter or shade for animals in open-air enclosures
  • Cover for foundations and building sites
  • Cost-effective alternative to erecting a permanent garage


Marquee Assembly

  • Patented "spring lock" assembly system
  • Adjustable feet for uneven ground
  • Everything required for assembly is included
  • No specialist equipment needed – just basic tools such as a spanner
  • Detailed instructions and clearly labelled parts make the assembly process as simple as possible


Structural elements

  • 38x1.0mm 48x1.0mm and Powder-coated Steel pipe
  • Frame stabilised and protected by pole connectors
  • Roof frame bolts to the lower part of the frame
  • Door height:2m
  • Max point height:2.8m


Marquee Outer material

  • The skin of the tent is made of strong, tear-resistant PE (approx. 260g/m²)
  • UV-proof and water-resistant
  • Windows with mosquito net 
  • A ventilation flap permits natural air circulation and ensures that the climate inside the
  • long side panel + long side panel with door + front & back panel





WARNING!! This canopy is not designed to support roof loads of snow, ice or excessive amounts of water. It is also not meant to withstand strong winds or other unusual weather conditions. The cover can easily be removed if severe weather is expected. Under no circumstances is the manufacturer responsible for any damage caused by or to this canopy resulting from, but not limited to, anyweather-relatedd causes.

Limited Warranty

Warranty Coverage and Term of Period:

This is a temporary structure and not recommended as a permanent structure.

The manufacturer warrants that this canopy, when subject to normal and proper use, will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Should any defect occur during the specified time period, the manufacturer will repair the defective product or provide replacement parts and components material, at its own option.