3 Person Indoor Corner Traditional Steam Sauna EF3C

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 3-Person Traditional Indoor Corner Steam Home Sauna

Add your own personal home sauna at an affordable price. Each of these traditional steam saunas features a classic heating stove with a supply of rocks. The rocks are placed in the stove to work with the electricity to maintain a deep, thorough heat. Once the stones reach the desired temperature, pour water over the rocks to create steam. 


  • Full 3-person capacity
  • Exterior Dimensions (WDH): 160x160x200cm
  • Heating Element: Harvia Stove
  • Power:6KW
  • Canadian Hemlock wood construction
  • Temperatureï¼?- 80°C
  • Double-thick walls 
  • Tempered glass door 8mm
  • Wooden bucket and ladle
  • Sand timer
  • Thermometer
  • Wood fence for heater
  • 2x lamps
  • Indoor use only

 No plug included, a certified electrician is required to install the power of the stove



  • Flat Packed for peace of mind delivery. Basic Assembly is required

  • Carton A: 197*163*21cm, 58kg
  • Carton B: 197*114*23cm, 62kg
  • Carton C: 167*169*25cm, 63kg
  • Sauna accessories: 55*40*35cm, 4kg   
  • Harvia oven: 48*31*54cm, 11kg
  • Sauna stone: 38*27.5*13.5cm, 20kg


Due to the weight of the Sauna, it is required to be placed on a palette and shrink-wrapped for delivery and/or pick up.

If you intend to pick up the Sauna, please note that you must bring a commercial vehicle to the warehouse as the Sauna will be loaded by a forklift on a pallet.