3.8M Multi-Purpose Aluminium Telescopic Extension Ladder

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This new Telescopic Ladder extend and lock by the foot, easily adjusting to whatever height is needed for your job.This comes in handy when you don't want the hassle of lugging around a heavy extension ladder. Just carry your Ladder where you need it and simply open it up, rung by rung.The materials used in this product is a high-strength aluminum alloy, bearing 150KG, good safety performance.An angled thumb release ensures proper hand positioning, so you will always know you're operating the ladder how it was designed to be operated.Lightweight and durable, these ergonomic ladders can be used in your home or workshop and then tucked away for compact storage.


1. thickness: 1.4mm

2. straight height:3.8m (fully extended)

3. close height :0.89m

4. Material: Aluminium

5. step distance: 30cm

6. folded size: 89x47.5x15.8cm

7. net weight:13.9kg

8. gross weight:15kg

9. max load:150kgs

10. ladder feet: anti-slip rubber feet

Package: 52x5x20x90cm