2 Tonne Folding Hydraulic Engine Workshop Crane Hoist Lift



 2 Tonne Fold-able Hydraulic Engine Crane


This 2 tonne folding hydraulic engine crane features a rugged and durable construction ensuring the crane remains stable during operation.

The compact folding design of this crane means it can be stored conveniently or transported easily when not in use making it perfect for the DIY motorist or professional workshop.

Quick to set up this engine crane is easy to use and can be easily maneuvered on its heavy duty wheels.


Main Features: 

- 2 tonne lifting capacity

- 4 hole position boom

- Hydraulic

- Lifting height: 2170mm

- Crane arm can extend 540mm (Max)

- Folding for convenient transporting and storage

- Heavy duty wheels for easy maneuvering

- Easy to use

cast iron wheels



Box A, 85*60*10cm approx

Box B, 145*18*30cm approx

Total Gross Weight, 70kg approx