2 Layer Solid Insulation Plastic Beehive


The Plastic Thermo Beehive with its universal fully interchangeable design offers a complete mix and match solution for various beekeeping practices and standards.


  • Double-walled structure and insulation infills helps bees to maintain a constant temperature and protects them from all weather extremes.
  • Compatible with wooden Bee Hive Frames
  • made of food-grade polypropylene to ensure food is safe.
  • Bee Hives can be easily washed with warm soapy water.
  • Colorful design
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Note: This hive does not come with any frames. You need to purchase wooden or plastic frames to start beekeeping



  • Material: Food Grade polypropylene BPA free
  • Size of Bee House: Approx 450mm*595mm*675mm
  • Gross weight: Approx 18kg


Package includes:

  • • Hive Top Cover
  • • Inner Cover with 4 feeder (it allows feeding solids and liquids without disturbing the hive temperature or the bees)
  • • 1 Thermo Super
  • • 1 Thermo Deep Brood Box
  • • 1 Division board
  • • 4 Frame Limiter
  • • 1 Queen excluder
  • • Sliding Entrance Reducer
  • • 4 Round Bee Entrances
  • • Ergonomic IPM Bottom Board