1800W Infrared Electric Radiant Heater



1800w  Infrared Electric Radiant Heater 

Effective heating solutions for people who appreciate stylish abience and warmth. Infrared heating is the perfect way to warm a space without the dusty dryness of traditional convection heating, and it consumes energy in a much more efficient way, reducing your power consumption by up to 80%. The infrared heaters are used predominantly on semi-open patios or decks as well as in sunrooms and glasshouses etc.

  • Features

  • Power: 1800W
  • Aluminium alloy heating panel, heat more quickly and evenly
  • Excellent performance without light or noise
  • Fashion design, perfect combination with building decoration
  • Covered by NANO painting, increase the serve life
  • Coverage 3.5x2.1m at approx 21-23 degrees
  • Consumption (approx.): 1.8Kw/h - 0.35c p/h
  • Australi Standard Power Plug
  • Adjustable wall and ceiling bracket
  • Waterproofing IPX4
  • Certification:CE, RoHS, SAA
  • Remote controller is not included

Size: 1000x189x67mm

Infrared heating has several major advantages over traditional methods:

  • Very high efficiency- up to 92% of the used electricity is converted into thermal energy
  • Doesn't heat up or dry the air which prevents unpleasant conditions such as throat dryness, asthma, dry skin etc.
  • Heats objects and people - you will feel the warmth on your skin and it will eliminate any moisture from walls and windows.
  • No air circulation which means that no dust will be lifted in the air.
  • Space-saving Plug&Play installation - simply mount it and plug in the power socket.
  • Heat retention - heat is "stored" on your body and in the walls. You will feel warmth instantly, but the panel takes about 15-20 minutes to reach maximum performance and 30-40 minutes to cool down completely which means that it heats even when off.
  • No maintenance is needed. 



Net weight: 6.20kg

Gross weight: 7.4kg