14ft Feet Supreme Blue Trampoline Pad

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14 Feet Supreme Blue Trampoline Safety Pad

Safety first! Ensure your family’s safety with this trampoline pad.

Pad is made from heavy duty, shock absorbent, closed-cell foam which does not absorb water or loses shape. It is also UV and water resistant.  These trampoline pads are securely tied to the frame with straps.

Pad Specifications

  • Anti-fungal/anti-bacterial coating
  • SunGuard coating

  • Cold crack protected

  • Expected Life, 2+ years. it will last for many seasons if it is stored away in bad weather.

  • Padding covers the springs and frame

  • Top of Pad:PVC 550D/500D
  • Inside of Pad:15mm thickenss EPE foam
  • Bottom of Pad 140g/m2 PE cloth
  • Wdith of Pad:29cm


Important: Trampoline Measurement Instructions

Determine the size of your trampoline by measuring the diameter of the trampoline frame. Take the measurement from the outside edge of one to prail to the outside edge of the exact opposite toprail. Be sure to take the measurements in different locations to confirm the size.