12v 100l Atv Garden Tow Behind Boom Weed Sprayer Tank Trailer


100L 12V Tow Behind Spray Weed Sprayer Trailer


Brand new tow behind sprayer with inbuilt pump, boom spray and hand held spot nozzle.With its high pressure output and large-capacity 100-litre tank, the sprayer is ideal for large-scale spray applications. A powerful 12V pump with pressure gauge, precisely measure the pressure provided to the boom spray and hand held spray. Giving you the right tools with right pressure for the spraying. Including a 5m chemical grade hose and rear boom sprayer, it allows you to do broad spraying while hand-held spray nozzle to do spot spraying while riding or walking. 

Attachs to any ATVs, quad bike, four wheels motorcycles and mowers with the tow hitch. The pressure activated diaphragm pump produces a smooth flow from the tank. The tank is manufactured from special chemical resistand polymeters for extra long life. It can be used for spraying fertillizer, week killer, de-icer and ethlene glycol products.



  • Large tank Capacity: 100 Litre UV, chemical Resistand Polethylene shell 
  • 5 meter high pressure spray hose
  • Runs dry without damage
  • Smooth silent operation
  • Automatic switch built-in, Motor doesn't run while hand level is released, to save water and no damage to motor
  • Self priming pump
  • Lower power usage



    • 12V DC Diaphragm Pump
    • Capacity: 100L
    • Spray Lance Pressure & Flow Rate- 4.5 Bar at 2.6L/min
    • 5M power cable
    • 5M Chemical Grade Hose
    • Spray Gun Pressure & Flow rate- 3.5Bar at 3.1L/min
    • Spray nozzles: 4 on the boom


Package Content:

  • 100L tank with 12V DC pump
  • 5m High pressure spray hose
  • Aligator clips electrical cable
  • Spray lance and trigger
  • Spray Boom
  • Trailer
  • 5m Ratchet Strap 
  • 5m Fixing Strap

Basic assembly is required

Note: The product listed shows  general product pictures from the manufacturer which may vary slightly to what is actually received.


  • N.W. 29.9kg
  • G.W. 32.8kg
  • 101x54x64cm