10L Large Automatic Digital Pet Feeder for Cat Dog Rabbit Black

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10 Liter Large Automatic Digital Pet Feeder for Pets: Cat, Dog, Rabbit

Forget flimsy manual release pet feeders! The Automatic Pet Feeder allows you to store and serve your pet a proportioned meal on a regular basis!. It is a great design for traveling pet owners that are often away from home.

With this automatic pet feeder, even if you are home, it is convenient to monitor & dispense your pets food, prevent them from overeating. The large capacity container can suit the need from smaller pets to larger ones, ig cats and dogs.

This fully programmable auto pet feeder offers pet owners a practical means of caring for you pet & peace of mind, and is perfect for weekends, business people or for those with irregular working hours


    * Fully programmable with digital display and keypad
    * Adjustable feeding schedules
    * Ability to record a personal message - - allows your beloved pet hears your voices at every feeding time!
    * Features multiple anti-tamper, anti-jamming & smart sensor
    * Ensures your pet receives proportion you want them to have
    * Large capacity (45 cups) feeder -- Suitable for all sizes, ie. Cats and Dogs
    * Suitable for all small types of pellets/biscuits/biscuits/dry food
    * Daily severing program - 1 to 4 servings per day
    * New pet-proof lid lock - prevents pet from over eating  
    * Alarm sounds when feeding schedule expires
    * Detachable food hopper & feeding tray for easy cleaning
    * Built-in microphone, speaker and low battery indicator


     * 45 cup / 10.646L capacity
    * Feed from 1 to 99 days (or a nonstop)
    * Programmable portion sizes - 0.5 cup to 5 cups
    * Programmable feeding from 1 to 4 times daily
    * Smart sensor prevents overloading of feeding tray
    * Unique anti-jamming/clogging food hopper feature
    * Record up to 8 seconds personal message & repeat play 3 times
    * Durable ABS construction
    * Type of battery: size D x 4pcs (not included) can last up to 1 year (depending on the usage and frequency)

       Item dimensions: 43 x 24.2 x 36 CM (L x W x H)

NOTE: Below type of food are not suitable to the feeder:

1 The food which is too long or too big.The longest side can't exceed 1.5cm.
 Otherwise it's easy to caused the stuck.Long time for this, the gears inside of the feeder might get broken.
2  If you put the powder food or the food included the powder,Pls clean inside of the feeder once in a while. That's because there are lubricants on the gears.The powders are easy to fell into the feeder and  stick on the gears. This also might cause the stuck.
3  Fluid or wet food.


    Colorful commercial packaging

    Weight: 3.5kg