100" (4:3) Tripod Projection Projector Screen

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Portable projection screen with a flexible operation that can be adjusted as necessary by utilising a unique tripod mechanism with locking device. Based on world standard design, it comes with an integrated carry handle and is perfect for the presenter who is always on the move. 

The screen Height is adjustable with a particular self-locking system and can be easily made to suit different projectors. The excellent structure keeps the screens smooth and flat.

Suitable for various places, such as school, meeting room, control room, training center and home theater or any location not suited to fixed installation.


  • Alloy classic three-legs tripod is stable, light and beautiful as well as easy to move and set up.
  • Extra black masking border to assure best quality video image
  • Beautiful steel housing case with strong steel end cover of housing case
  • 4:3 Format (regular TV aspect ratio)
  • Matt White Surface
  • Gain"1.0
  • View angle: -65~+65 degree
  • Viewing size: 1530 x 2030 mm
  • Format:4:3
  • 100" diagonal measurement\
  • Packaging:228x14x22cm/ G.W.: 13kg