NEW model 54 inch Portable Basketball Ring System Slam Dunk Height Adjustable 2.45m-3.05m with Stand Ring Net

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NEW 54 inch Portable Slam Dunk Basketball System

Height Adjustable with Stand Ring Net

Be an all-around NBA star from your own backyard!  You can use some common basketball techniques on this basketball system, ie shooting and rebounding

The sturdy and durable basketball system is made from steel and strong PVC. It is great for all levels of basketball fans.



  • Professional High Quality
  • Power lift - instant height adjustment from 2.45m to 3.05m
  • Modern Design - Transparent Rebound Backboard
  • Spring-load Rim – Built for Slam Dunks!
  • Can fill up to 170kg Sand or 105L Water ^
  • Rust-resistant finishing



    Ring* Height:  from 2.3m to 3.05m (10') quick adjustment
    Rim Dia:  48.5cm, can fit in #7 standard basketball (for men's competition) and #6 standard basketball (for women's competition).
    Rim Material:  1.6mm steel
    Net Material:  Weatherproof nylon
    Backboard Size:  136x80cm
    Backboard Material:  Strong Durable PVC
    Base Material:  Blow Moulding PE

^ Water can be used to fill the base. For safety reasons sand is recommended and better material to ensure a strong sturdy foundation for those extreme conditions.
* Caution (Please read): Do NOT hang or swing from the ring. Dangerous action may cause a deadly injury.



  • 141x92x27cm
  • 47kg

Note: This item requires moderate to difficult assembly and may require two people to assemble.